How to Get the Most from Your Massage

Use these tips to help receive the full benefits of your session

  • Timing: Arrive about five minutes before our scheduled appointment so you don’t feel rushed as we get started.
  • Settling in: When you get on the massage table, close your eyes, feel the table supporting you, and bring your attention to your breath. Notice how your breath and body feel, without judging or trying to change anything.
  • Comfort: Please let me know if I can make you more comfortable with pillows; lighting, music or temperature changes; or other adjustments.
  • Breath: Breathe slowly and deeply throughout your massage. This stretches and opens your tissues from the inside as the therapist works from the outside. When you notice areas of tension or pain, imagine your breath traveling to these areas as you inhale and the discomfort traveling out as you exhale.
  • Pressure: The “right” degree of pressure is unique to you. My intention is to work below the threshold where the pressure causes you to tense. Please let me know any time you want more or less pressure.
  • Emotion: Sometimes as massage releases physical tension from the body, emotions are released, too. If you experience this and would like to talk about it, please know that this is welcome.
  • Feedback: I invite you to give me any feedback that might help improve your massage. For instance, let me know if certain types of touch or movement feel especially useful or do not feel right for your body.
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